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Guide to choosing the right strength and dosage for you!Updated 9 months ago

If you are new to CBD, don't worry, we've all been there! This article will help guide you through what bottle to try first, provide some direction on finding the right dose for you, and offer some other tidbits that might be helpful! 

Feals tinctures come in three different strength oils; 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg. All of our bottles are 15ml or half an ounce, and the strengths indicate the total amount of CBD contained in each bottle.

Feals mints are precisely-dosed 20mg peppermint mints that come in a 20 count tin. They use liposomal encapsulation for a faster onset than our tinctures.

This is maybe the most important question when deciding what strength oil or Feals product to go with! 


Typically with CBD, lower doses can provide focus and clarity, while higher doses tend to have a sedating effect. For example, the 1200mg and 2400mg bottles are listed under "sleep" because those bottles contain more concentrated amounts of CBD, allowing for higher dose amounts. If your goal is to become less anxious or stressed, beginning with a lower dose is a great starting point! For this reason, Feals Mints or our 600mg and 1200mg tinctures might be your best plan! Pain management is more of a gray area, hence all three tinctures and mints are suggested. If dealing with severe chronic pain, our 1200mg or 2400mg bottles might work best.


Determining the right dose amount is going to be highly individualized to you, so our recommendations are based on what we have learned from our customers. We recommend beginning with the "start with" dose suggested in the table above, and then increasing or decreasing the dose amount until you reach your desired results. For example, if you bought the 2400mg strength bottle to help you sleep, start with 60-80mg and then increase or decrease by 10mg increments until you find that perfect amount.


For Mints, the starting recommended dose is 1 Mint (20mg).  Listen closely to how your body responds over a few hours and adjust accordingly. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel the effects in less than 20 minutes. The liposomal encapsulation technology used provides faster onset than our tinctures.

All three of our strength oils come in a 15ml bottle, and each contains a dropper. The dropper has three hash marks that help measure out the amount of milligrams. 

All of our bottles will last a month when taking a half dropper daily. Please refer to the above guide to determine how long your bottle will last.

For some, the effects of CBD are going to be felt within 30 minutes, while for others, it may be more subtle and take time. If you notice a difference right away, that's awesome, but if not, try to focus on what you are not feeling as opposed to what you do. CBD is most effective when taken regularly, so getting into a cadence of taking CBD as a part of your daily routine is recommended!

We find it helpful to keep track of how much CBD you're taking each time to notice any patterns or changes as you dial in the amount that works just right for you. Here is our downloadable Feals journal in case you'd like to use that for keeping track.

We hope this information helps, along with the rest of the articles contained in our Help Center. Please don't hesitate to email or call our experience team at [email protected] or 844-311-9090 and we would be more than happy to help! We are here for you Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm MST if you have any questions, need a little guidance, or just want to say hi.

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