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Feals Lab Test ArchiveUpdated a year ago

All of our products come with a Certificate of Analysis to ensure we are crafting our products with the finest ingredients. Additionally, we validate all of our products with ISO 17025 Certified third-party labs to ensure purity and consistency, including:

  • Cannabinoid Potency
  • Terpene Potency
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides, including Glyphosate
  • Heavy Metals
  • Microbiological Contaminants
  • Mycotoxins
  • Residual Solvents
  • and More

Below is a comprehensive list of all of our Certificates of Analysis, keep in mind that every product contains a QR Code that links directly to the panel results when scanned with your phone's camera! 

Flight Test Archive

Flight Batch 2002

Flight Batch 2003

Flight Batch 2004

Flight Batch 2005

Feals Mints

Mint Batch 22025C

Mint Batch 21085A

Mint Batch 21085C

600 MG Test Archive

600 Batch 601

600 Batch 20041V 

600 Batch 20061A

600 Batch 20111A

600 Batch 21031A

600 Batch 21051A

600 Batch 21071A

600 Batch 21091A

600 Batch 21111A

1200 MG Test Archive

1200 Batch 19112V

1200 Batch 19112V1

1200 Batch 20022V

1200 Batch 20042V

1200 Batch 20062A and 1200 Batch 20062B

1200 Batch 20112B

1200 Batch 20112A

1200 Batch 21032A

1200 Batch 21052A

1200 Batch 21072A

1200 Batch 21092A

1200 Batch 21112A

2400 MG Test Archive

2400 Batch 19113V

2400 Batch 20023V

2400 Batch 20043V 

2400 Batch 20063A

2400 Batch 20113A

2400 Batch 21033A

2400 Batch 21073A

2400 Batch 21093A

2400 Batch 21053A

2400 Batch 21113A

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